State of Application Security in Healthcare

Providers are under fire to secure patient data while confronting a rapidly expanding IT footprint, a bottoms-up culture and significant skills gaps around security. Doctors may hold the lion’s share of power, but CISOs are pushing for better security controls.

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What You Will Learn:

Read this joint HIMSS/Veracode report to learn how application security is being addressed by healthcare providers.

Strategic insights for CISOs, based on HIMSS’s survey of 200 IT executives, include the following:

  • Why application security is the #1 concern. The top three security-related fears of such breaches are loss of life due to compromised networks or medical devices, brand damage due to theft of patient information and regulatory enforcement.

  • Planning for cyber liability now. While the healthcare space is accustomed to legal action surrounding malpractice, liability tied to poor IT security is new, and the challenge will be implementing systems that allow for “due care” to be followed in avoiding a breach.

  • Overcoming bottoms-up cultural constraints. 65 percent of respondents are investing in security technologies that enable governance policy enforcement, while 51 percent are investing in initiatives to educate department heads about cybersecurity.