Solving Your Open Source Risk with SourceClear

Facing growing demands for faster software delivery, developers are turning towards open source libraries to help them meet these goals. But, with open source code use comes a higher risk for vulnerabilities, so many are looking for a solution that will help protect their organizations from cyber-attacks.

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What will you learn?

It’s important to recognize that simply using open source libraries is not a security threat to the business. The real problem is not knowing that what you are using contains vulnerabilities, and that they are exploitable in your application.

If you’re looking to learn more about the risk posed by vulnerable open source code components, look no further. This whitepaper has the answers to all of your questions, and also highlights how SourceClear by Veracode can protect your company from open source risk.

Specifically, you will learn:

• The risks associated with open source library use

• Common challenges in securing open source code

• The problems that SourceClear solves, and the benefits you will see by using this solution

• Details about Veracode SourceClear, including support details, UI overview, and much more