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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started With Application Security

According to Akamai, “application-layer attacks are growing much more rapidly than infrastructure attacks.” Yet many organizations remain hesitant to create an application security program
– believing it will require excessive time and resources.

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What You Will Learn:

This guide outlines how any organization, regardless of size or resources, can create an effective application security program. Filled with practical tips and advice, the guide is a must-read for those looking to start reducing application-layer risk.

Download The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started With Application Security to learn about:

  • The anatomy of a major security breach, including recent high-profile examples in which the application layer was the entry point

  • The three stages of maturity for application security programs and how your organization currently maps to this approach

  • A four-phase approach to creating a simpler, more scalable application security strategy within your organization

  • Tips and best practices for gaining internal buy-in for an application security program