Five Steps for Preparing for a Vulnerability Disclosure

When a high-profile, or simply branded, vulnerability is disclosed, security teams are expected to abandon their planned activities and react. But, these responses can be time-consuming and costly. Even if the vulnerability is achieving mainstream awareness…
enterprises need to balance responses against risk.

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What You Will Learn

This document provides guidance on preparing for a high-profile vulnerability disclosure so risk-management or security teams can respond with the appropriate level of urgency. Teams can use it as a starting point to formulate a strategy for vulnerability responses and be prepared for the eventual disclosure.

The report includes:

  • The five steps for creating a vulnerability response plan

  • Practical advice on how to ensure your enterprise is responding with the appropriate level of urgency to each vulnerability disclosure

  • A sample decision-tree flow chart to help you create your own response plan

  • Questions to ask when a new vulnerability disclosure is announced

Who should read the report:

  • CISOs

  • CIOs

  • Security and risk professionals