Reduce Your Risk of a Breach with Dynamic Analysis

While shifting security left in your software development lifecycle is crucial to application security success, it’s still imperative to maintain testing in the later stages of your process. After all, some web application vulnerabilities can only be discovered at that point in the SDLC.

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What will you learn?

Since web applications continue to be the primary vector of attack against companies, continuous monitoring of applications once they’re in production is a reliable method for securing your organization against new vulnerabilities that could crop up down the line. By reading this whitepaper, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of:

• What Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) looks like, and some common challenges associated with production scanning

• How to find the right mix of assessment types

• How Veracode Discovery and Dynamic Analysis can help find and secure all of your web applications

• The areas of improvement that Veracode Dynamic Analysis focuses on, as well as technical details of the solution