Why Developers Need to Think About Security

Software developers often struggle with two competing priorities: delivering code within aggressive timelines and incorporating security into the development lifecycle. This webinar helps developers learn how to…

code securely without killing productivity.

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What will you learn?

We have seen organizations working to adapt security practices to the Agile methodology and struggling to find practical information on how to address security issues while not killing productivity. In addition, the new movement toward Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is rising in prominence and raising new questions on the role security plays.

  • Leverage Agile and Agile trends, including the evolution of fast-flux development processes and the role of DevOps

  • Work with security teams and use their expertise to engage in more secure coding practices and to incorporate security tasks into developers’ workflows

  • Get security on your radar both to help you meet requirements, and open up new career opportunities

  • How to build a comprehensive application security framework to address high priority vulnerabilities

Join Adrian Lane, CTO & Analyst at Securosis, and Maria Loughlin, VP of Engineering at Veracode, as they discuss practical steps developers can take to start incorporating security into day-to-day planning, processes and culture. You will learn how to leverage best practices from both the Agile methodology and DevOps in order to automate security and integrate it into the SDLC.

Designed For:
• Developer and engineering management
• Security teams involved with integrating security into the SDLC