What DevSecOps Means for Application Security

In this webinar, security leaders and developers will learn how to:
• Manage a successful DevSecOps program.
• Place security scanning into CI/CD pipelines.
• Promote a security-minded internal culture.

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What will you learn?

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and the consequences of a breach are becoming more severe. Data from the 10th volume of our State of Software Security report (SOSS X) reveals that misaligned priorities within an organization only add to security debt by decreasing the likelihood of remediation, which can amplify the fallout from a breach or attack.

Watch this webinar and discover how to:

• Initiate an effective DevSecOps program to reduce the risk that comes from security debt and misaligned priorities.

• Strengthen coding processes to worry less about shipping secure code when it’s time to launch.

• Boost production by reprioritizing processes and remediation procedures for greater efficiency.

• Foster an internal culture that champions security and understands the potential risks of a breach.

Join Veracode’s EMEA CTO Paul Farrington to learn about the practice of DevSecOps and how to stand up an internal program to get ahead of the risk.

Speakers: Paul Farrington, Veracode EMEA CTO

Webinar date and time: February 13, 2020, 10 AM EST

Webinar length: 1 hour

Designed for:
• Security leaders
• Developers