Veracode and HackerOne: Human vs. Machine

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As companies work overtime to push code, criminals work overtime to find ways to break it, and it can often feel impossible to scale security with product development. Innovation is outpacing traditional security measures, and it will take a unique combination of human and machine for security to keep pace.

What Will You Learn?

Download the three-part series to hear industry experts from Veracode and HackerOne discuss how the powerful combination of human and machine takes security to the next level.

Part 1: Human With Machine: Adapting your security development lifecycle for DevOps. During this session, tech executives from Veracode and HackerOne will discuss how development and security teams can combine automation and human talent to provide security at the speed of innovation.

Part 2: Hacking Remote: Leveraging automation and crowdsourced testing to secure your enterprise. In part two of this three-part series, product leaders will discuss the undue strain put on security teams and delve into how leveraging automation and crowdsourced security allows enterprises to scale and accommodate a newly dispersed workforce.

Part 3: Who Will Win the Fight of Automation: Augmenting your existing approaches with human insight. In the final webinar of our three-part series, Veracode and HackerOne security experts will debate the unique values human and machine bring, and will discuss why companies need a complete security strategy that takes into account the strengths technology can provide coupled with the need for creativity and adaptability that only humans can bring.

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