The Risky Business of Open Source Libraries and What to Do About It

What Will You Learn?

We recently examined 351,000 external libraries found in 85,000 applications and published the results in our new report, State of Software Security: Open Source Edition. Watch this webinar for a discussion of the results and analysis.

Organizations are worried about the security of their devices and applications and the wellbeing of their employees. Employees are worried about how they're using their time, if they're being effective, how to best collaborate with their peers, and more. Health is also an important part of the work-life equation.

Topics include:

• Trends in the use of open source libraries

• The layers of dependencies in open source library use

• The level of risk in open source libraries

• Best practices for addressing open source library risk

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Brittany O’Shea, senior product marketing manager, Veracode

Ben Edwards, Analyst, Cyentia Research