Software Development at Home: Balancing life, retaining compliance

Learn how organizations and workers can remain focused, meet security requirements, and maintain a healthy work-life balance while working remotely.

What Will You Learn?

Some developers and IT professionals routinely work from home. But for others, working from home is new and, perhaps, challenging. It has also been challenging for organizations since they’ve had to shift gears in a short period of time to accommodate to the new remote workforce.

Organizations are worried about the security of their devices and applications and the wellbeing of their employees. Employees are worried about how they're using their time, if they're being effective, how to best collaborate with their peers, and more. Health is also an important part of the work-life equation.

Join our panelists as they discuss ways to:

• Help teams ‘stay in the zone’ while working within their development toolchain and environment

• Design developer training programs that specifically meet security and compliance requirements

• Thrive in this uncertain environment through relevant and customized training at the speed of DevSecOps

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Scott Hanselman| Web Developer and Podcaster

Sue McTaggart | Senior Application Security Architect | Advantasure

Flechter Heisler| Director of Developer Enablement | Veracode