Open Source Components May Be Leaving You Wide Open to Attack


Open source components have become a critical part of code development – why write something when it’s likely someone already has? However this could be leaving your company wide open to cyber-attacks. Join Veracode Product Specialists, RJ Gazarek and Chris Widstrom, as they discuss how you can ensure which open source components are deployed in your environment and when to decommission the ones that pose a risk to your business. You will also get a sneak peek at Veracode’s Software Composition Analysis (SCA) which creates a dynamic inventory of the components you are using, along with their versions and locations. Armed with this information, you can quickly patch when a big vulnerability hits the news.

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What will you learn?

- How to leverage Veracode’s solution to protect against open source vulnerabilites.

- How to catalogue your commercial third party and open-source components to ensure you are using the most up to date versions and where they are located in your code

- How to embed parameters into your AppSec policies to account for open-source vulnerabilities