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Mitigating Risks with Vendor-Supplied Software

Software and development outsourcing is a common practice in today’s business environment; many organizations have an extensive amount of third-party sourced code in their software ecosystem. Cloud and mobile deployments accelerate the growth of third-party applications. According to Veracode’s latest State of Software Security Report, less than 1 in 5 enterprises are conducting security assessments of their third-party vendors. Many enterprises understand the risk, but unfortunately do not have the time, budget, or internal resources to run a meaningful vendor application security compliance program.

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What you will learn

The risks of third-party applications and the importance securing the vendor supply chain. How enterprises can better understand and reduce security risks associated with the use of vendor-supplied software. Listen to a step-by-step guide for building a meaningful vendor application security compliance program.

50 Minutes

Who will benefit:
Businesses and vendors that buy or supply third-party applications.

Research Analyst, Forrester Research