Get Your Secure Development Initiatives in Shape: A 30, 60, 90-Day Approach

The path to a secure software development environment may seem like an intimidating one, but there’s no reason to fret. There’s no shame in starting small and simple – after all, you need to prove value before you can mature your program over time. But, what are the concrete steps can you take to get to a mature state of software security?

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What will you learn?

Hear from one of our customer-facing Services experts in this webinar, where he will outline a series of steps you can take when bringing security experts and development teams together to achieve this goal over time. Specifically, you will learn how to:

• Define your program and communicate the mission internally

• Assess applications and start remediation efforts before moving on to advanced testing methods and metrics analysis

• Implement fully automated scanning earlier in the SDLC, and implement metrics to measure program success

Speaker: Brad Smith, Senior Principal Security Program Manager, Veracode

Original Air Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2019