Secure Development and Scalable Application Security with Veracode

Whether you are coding in Java, Javascript, C#, or VB.NET, Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan has you covered. Developers receive positive feedback when correctly using secure coding practices, as well as instant insight into any security flaws discovered –saving both security and development time and resources.

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What will you learn?

Deliver applications faster by writing secure code while integrating with your own toolset. Join this webinar to see how Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan can help you do this by bringing security scanning right into your IDE as you are coding, returning most scans in seconds. During this presentation, Product Marketing expert RJ Gazarek will provide:

•An overview of Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan and its integrations with developer tools;/p>

•A summary of recent Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan use cases and successes;

•A sneak peek of upcoming capabilities for your development teams to leverage