Responsive AppSec:

Maintaining Development Agility With Application Security Testing

Your development team needs to integrate an application security testing program — probably because of a compliance requirement. But testing takes time and resources, and implementing security can be slow.

How can you maintain agility when you add application security testing into your daily workflow?

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What will you learn?

During this webinar, development and security teams gain practical tips on how to create a continuous, responsive quality assurance process that integrates well with delivery, especially with Agile and DevOps methodologies.

Developers and security professionals will learn how to:

  • Work together to preserve development and delivery agility.

  • Leverage automation to build application security testing into daily work.

  • Integrate security requirements into a quality program with minimal disruption.

Join Veracode Senior Security Researcher Darren P. Meyer as he discusses practical ways for development teams to help build and improve their organization’s application security program.

45 minutes

Designed For:
• CIOs/DevOps
• Development professionals implementing secure coding standards

Veracode Senior Security Researcher