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How to Scale Your Dynamic Analysis Program

Web applications are consistently the primary attack vector for hackers, and many organizations are turning towards dynamic application security testing (DAST) to gain the security assurance of how their applications will perform in the real world.

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What will you learn?

Watch this webinar to learn how to implement a dynamic analysis program that meets these four key criteria:

• Scalability: The ability to scan multiple applications at once – whether they are authenticated or unauthenticated – to keep security from being a bottleneck.

• Discovery: Uncover every web application associated with your organization, even if you didn’t create it in-house, to create an exhaustive inventory.

• Speed: Deliver high-quality results quickly, and in a smart way that saves time.

• Automation & Integration: Scans that run automatically and integrate with existing processes and tools to keep your security and development teams moving quickly.

Speaker: Bhavna Sarathy, Principal Product Manager, Veracode
Original Air Date: Monday, June 10, 2019