Innovative Application Security Testing Techniques for Modern Software Development

AppSec isn’t one size fits all. Successful application security programs require multiple testing types across development, to testing, to production. As the adoption of DevSecOps expands further, understanding how these testing types fit into this model will help organizations of all sizes reduce the risk that comes from modern security threats.

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What will you learn?

Watch this webinar to learn:

• How to build an effective DevSecOps program that reduces risk through multiple analysis techniques in the development lifecycle

• The strengths and cautions of the various approaches to software security testing, including static, dynamic, software composition analysis, and manual penetration testing

• How these modern testing techniques support quality software development with real-time feedback during development

Join Veracode’s Director of Product Marketing Chris Kirsch to learn about current approaches to security testing and the latest innovations organizations can tap into.

Speaker: Chris Kirsch, Veracode Director of Product Marketing

Webinar length: 1 hour