Reality Checking Your Security Testing Program

Learn the Truth About Secure Development

In this webinar, development and security teams learn how to:

  • Embed security into daily build and test cycles.
  • Introduce security into the support phase of development.
  • Transform and automate security testing.

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Why Listen?

In this webinar, Darren P. Meyer, Senior Security Researcher for Veracode, outlines how security teams and developers can improve their application security assessment program by fitting security testing into the daily build and test cycle. This enables organizations to create a continuous quality assurance process across all phases of development, whether they’re using Agile or other methodologies.

Development and security teams will learn how to:

  • Embed security testing into daily build and test cycles as well as the certification or quality control phase of development.

  • Introduce security testing into the support phase of software development in light of the constantly evolving threat environment.

  • Transform and automate security testing by rapidly providing actionable and measurable results to the development organization and keeping pace with agile initiatives.

Most security assessment programs were built to meet a particular compliance standard, and don’t scale beyond these requirements. This results in process mismatches, lack of agility, and incentive misalignment, which means that security ends up getting de-prioritized. It's time to move beyond a “check-box” approach, and embed security testing into the entire application lifecycle.

Join Veracode Senior Security Researcher Darren P. Meyer as he debunks commonly held beliefs about secure software development.

45 minutes with discussion afterward

Designed For:
• Security leaders
• Developer and engineering management

Senior Security Researcher