Prove your company’s secure software development practices with Veracode Verified

According to IDG, 84% of surveyed IT Leaders agree that their companies are concerned about the potential data security risk posed by third-party applications. How can companies assure customers that they will protect their critical data while maintaining a competitive advantage in the market?

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What will you learn?

Join Asha May, Director Customer Engagement at Veracode as she provides an overview and latest highlights of how the Verified program has been helping our customers provide third party software assurance. Learn how Veracode works with software providers to:

• Meet the demands of customers looking for proof that your software is secure

• Provide a path to maturing their AppSec program

• Help defend their AppSec budget by showing the value and adoption it brings

• Verify the secure development process around an application by focusing on continuous AppSec integrated into development

• Make their secure software a competitive advantage in a tightening market

Speakers: Asha May, Veracode Customer Engagement

Date / Time: Wednesday, November 28, 2018 / 11:30 AM EST