What Do Microservices Mean for AppSec?

Microservices are a mainstay in the development of most modern applications as the shift to developing several small software components versus a single large application has been popular for a while. Yet even the best teams have trouble integrating security into their implementation. While many organizations see the benefits of the microservice architecture, questions continually arise on its impact on application security programs, especially with the rapid development that goes hand-in-hand with microservices.

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What will you learn?

You will learn:

  • The need to keep up with the speed of DevSecOps and how to automate and integrate security testing with rapid feedback loops

  • How to run and measure an effective AppSec program at scale and maintain a holistic view of all your applications given the shift to a more “decentralized” application environment to which the microservice architecture lends

  • Questions to ask when designing a scalable solution for securing DevOps