Integrating Application Security Into Your Development Environment

Once you’ve decided to standardize application security best practices in your organization, your next step is to determine how your AppSec program will integrate into your existing environment.

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What will you learn?

When thinking about integrating an application security tool, ideally, you’d probably want a tool that fights right in with the development, security, and risk-tracking tools you already use – or maybe you’d even like to explore the possibility of custom integrations. That’s where Veracode comes in. Watch this webinar to learn:

• The ways that your organization can integrate AppSec into your existing environment

• How the Veracode platform specifically integrates into your development and DevOps processes, using integrated development environments (IDEs), build servers, APIs, and more!

Speakers: Pej Pourmousa, Vice President of Services, Veracode
Johnny Wong, Director of Solutions Architects, Veracode

Original Air Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2019