Security at Speed: Integrating AppSec Into the Tools You Already Use

Developers are feeling the pressure to meet organizational demands for faster deployment, and usually at the expense of security. As organizations shift to a more agile approach, they need security at the speed of DevOps and the ability to integrate AppSec from the beginning.

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What will you learn?

With the rise of DevOps, security must be able to integrate directly into the process or face being left behind. Join this webinar to explore how AppSec integrations can help you not only develop faster, but also allow you to embed security into your existing tools and processes. Learn why AppSec integration is important, how you can integrate AppSec into your development processes, and watch demos explaining how Veracode can help.

Duration: 56 mins

Join Tim Jarrett as he discusses how Veracode can integrate application security directly into the tools you already use.

Tim Jarrett
Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Veracode