Learn How Veracode Greenlight Can Ignite the Switch to Secure DevOps

It’s no secret that most organizations want to be able to shorten their development windows to produce software faster. But the question for many companies is how to produce good software not only faster, but more securely. This webinar will provide the answer. Join CA Veracode’s VP of Engineering and Operations, Vineeta Puranik, and Product Manager, Janet Worthington, as they discuss how Veracode Greenlight puts developers in control of security to promote secure software development directly in the IDE.

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What will you learn?

You will learn:

  • Learn how to keep up with the need for fast deployment by combining development and operations team under one “DevOps’ umbrella.

  • Learn how to empower developers to take ownership of secure coding by providing the tools they need to integrate security into the SDLC.

  • Learn how Veracode Greenlight can be the catalyst to migrate from traditional Agile to Secure DevOps, or ‘DevSecOps.’