Identifying Vulnerabilities Hidden in Your Applications

Fixing software vulnerabilities is not just a job for your security team. It’s a job for all developers who code using open source software components. Unchecked, these vulnerabilities could be lurking in scores of your applications, posing a huge risk. Do you know where you use third-party components, or how to track and fix vulnerabilities within them?

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What will you learn?

Learn how to inventory your software and its components, and make plans to mitigate vulnerabilities found in open-source, commercial, or homegrown applications. You will learn:

  • The different types of common vulnerabilities that affect applications, including component vulnerabilities

  • How to inventory your software and its inner components

  • The most common third party components and vulnerabilities that have affected them

  • How long it takes to fix vulnerabilities within third party components

Join speakers Tim Jarrett, Senior Director, Enterprise Security Strategy at Veracode; Sarah Peters, Contributing Editor at Dark Reading; and Jake Kouns, CISO at Risk Based Security as they discuss best practices in securing third party software components.

Designed For:
• Security Professionals

Senior Director of Enterprise Security Strategy at Veracode
Contributing Editor at Dark Reading
CISO at Risk Based Security