Human Side of DevSecOps

Much attention is focused to the technology aspects of DevOps, including how to automate security testing. But DevOps is as much a cultural movement as anything else, with a strong focus on feedback loops and continuous improvement.

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What will you learn?

Organizations must adopt aspects of DevOps culture when integrating security, especially given the massive shortfall in skilled information security personnel.

DevOps.com presents the Human Side of DevSecOps a webinar focused on organizational and cultural aspects of DevOps with an emphasis on the role of “security champions”—developers cross-trained in information security basics—in executing a successful DevSecOps transformation.

Join Alan Shimel and Tim Jarrett to understand the human side of DevSecOps and the need for “security champions” in a DevSecOps environment.

Designed For:
• Developers
• Security Professionals

Editor-in-Chief, Devops.com
Sr. Director of Enterprise Security Strategy, Veracode