How to Get the Best Out of DevSecOps – Developer Perspective

DevSecOps is being called the future of development, but what exactly is it? And how do you get your development teams aligned with the goals, process and technologies enabling DevSecOps? Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Veracode’s Colin Domoney explain the developer perspective on DevSecOps.

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What will you learn?

  • Market forces driving DevSecOps and why you should adopt it

  • Goals, process and technologies to enable DevSecOps

  • The DevSecOps maturity model

  • What makes a good DevSecOps solution

Watch this pre-recorded webinar featuring Colin Domoney, Senior Product Innovation Manager at Veracode, as he discusses the developer perspective of DevSecOps.

Designed For:
• Application Security Professionals
• Development Managers and Developers
Length: 40 Minutes

Senior Product Innovation Manager