How to Get Developers Hooked on Security

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Gone are the days of tacking security on at the very end of the software development process. In the new normal of digital transformation and DevSecOps, it’s critical that you enable your developers to scan early and often.

What Will You Learn?

The shift to digital is well underway, and in the world of application security (AppSec), that means the shift to DevSecOps is mission critical. Integrating security earlier on in the software development lifecycle not only means developers are producing more secure code and learning as they go, but also it saves time and money by preventing costly breaches and data losses down the road.

How do you make sure your developers have everything they need to write more secure code on schedule? Developers are set up for success when they have:

• The right tools and integrated solutions in the right places

• eLearning programs and materials to improve know-how

• Support from the top-down with buy-in from leadership

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Join Juan Mazo, Solutions Architect at Veracode, and Chris Campbell, Sr. Principal Solution Architect at Veracode, to learn more about what it takes to empower developers to take ownership over the security of their code.

Juan Mazo, Solutions Architect, Veracode
Chris Campbell, Sr. Principal Solution Architect, Veracode