Full Spectrum Engineering – The new full stack

Software development is changing, and so are developers’ roles. Over the last decade, companies have been trying to fill their ranks with full-stack engineers, but with the move to DevOps, developers must now become fluent across the full spectrum of software testing, deployment, and even security.

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What will you learn?

The move to DevOps and micro services demands new skills. Now a developer must become fluent in software testing, deployment, telemetry and even security. With the demand for these new skills come the organizational transition to full-spectrum engineering. Watch this on demand webinar to learn:

  • How software development leaders used to think about the developers they hire

  • How that is being transformed into a new breed of developer called the Full Spectrum Developer

  • How you can get their ahead of demand and be more valuable to both your current and future employers

In this webinar, Pete Chestna, Veracode Director of Developer Engagement, will share his insights on what a full-spectrum developer is and how they are crucial for organizations transitioning to DevSecOps.

Pete Chestna
Veracode Director of Developer Engagement