From Zero to Hero: Veracode’s Analytics Revolution

If you’ve invested in an application security program, chances are, you’d like to be able to demonstrate the success of that initiative. In order to do that, it’s crucial that you have the right data in a consumable format. So, how can you gain visibility into your data?

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What will you learn?

Check out this webinar to learn how Veracode Analytics supports the ability to capture informative data so that users can access the current state of their program, and how they can take action to improve their risk posture. Specifically, you’ll see how Veracode Analytics helps your organization:

• Measure the current state of security of your development teams

• Gain insight on program improvements by measuring your responsiveness to resolving security findings and more

• Create custom data visualizations from scratch to target what is needed for managing your program

Speakers: Anne Nielsen, Product Management, Veracode
Colleen Tartow, Engineering, Veracode

Original Air Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2019