A Deep Dive Into Veracode Static Analysis Pipeline Scan

As modern software development ramps up in speed, application security scans need to keep pace. That’s why we introduced our next-generation Static Analysis with three different scan types: IDE Scan, Pipeline Scan, and Policy Scan. Our new Pipeline Scan is fast and fits the DevSecOps requirements of today’s developers so that they can fix flaws quickly in the pipeline without halting production.

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What will you learn?

• How our Pipeline Scan integrates into the CI pipeline to offer test results every time code is committed

• How teams can break the build with our Pipeline Scan if policy-violating flaws are introduced or security issues are found

• Tips and guidance for using our Pipeline Scan to advance AppSec programs and keep up with modern threats

Join Brittany O’Shea, Product Marketing Manager at Veracode, to get the full scoop on this new scan type and information on how you can start using it within your own AppSec program.

Speakers: Brittany O’Shea, Veracode Product Marketing Manager

Webinar length: 45 minutes