The Fantastic Four: Metrics You Can’t Ignore When Reducing Application-Layer Risk

You’re starting to get the hang of application security as an organization. But you have these nagging thoughts:

Are my applications more or less secure than my peers’ apps? How can I convince my software suppliers to move faster? How can I demonstrate that our appsec program is making a difference?

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What will you learn?

This webinar provides an overview of the state of software security across different industry verticals. It also features a discussion with security experts from some of the world’s leading organizations on the four metrics they use to benchmark their performance, measure success, report up to the board, and motivate development teams to fix vulnerabilities.

You’ll learn:

  • How your company compares to others in the industry in terms of the quality, threat landscape, and rate of remediation of its applications.

  • How your peers measure the success of their application security programs.

  • What measures enterprises can take to reduce application-layer risk.

Join Tim Mathias, Mike Gleiter and Tim Jarrett as they discuss the state of software security and how best to measure and improve your own application security program.

60 minutes

Tim Mathias, Head of IT Security Architecture & Engineering, Thomson Reuters
Mike Gleiter
Director, IT Security, Information Security Risk Management, Thomson Reuters
Tim Jarrett
Sr. Director of Enterprise Security Strategy, Veracode