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Putting the Secs into SecDevOps

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DevOps has transformed the way your organization delivers innovation to market. But if the software you’re creating isn’t secure, is it really great?

What Will You Learn?

The fact is, developers drive your organization’s software agenda – they’re the only ones who can fix vulnerabilities in code. But to do this, they need the right security information, at the right time, and in the right places, so they can stay focused and meet ever-tightening deadlines. So how can security teams make that happen without stretching themselves too thin in the process?

Shifting security left – by taking a programmatic approach that integrates AppSec into development from the start – is the best way to achieve your objectives, protect your business, and unify teams and processes. That’s DevSecOps. In this interactive panel session, you’ll:

• Identify common pitfalls that can derail DevSecOps

• Adopt a developer’s PoV and learn how to address security misconceptions

• Explore the software vulnerabilities putting your organization at risk of breach

• Learn how to strengthen operations to make security a natural, efficient part of development

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Sara Peters, Senior Editor, Dark Reading
Brad Causey, CEO, Zero Day Consulting
Ryan Lloyd, VP Product Management, Veracode