Building a Security Culture

Many successful cybersecurity incidents are the result of a human within the breached organization, whether they were manipulated, made an honest mistake, or deliberately took malicious action. An important aspect of defending your organization from cyber threats lies within making sure all of your employees – from the developer to the C-Suite – are security-minded and ever-vigilant.

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What will you learn?

Want to learn how to build a business-wide culture that values cybersecurity? Watch this webinar to learn:

• How culture can be a more effective defense than policy

• Ways to begin embedding security culture into your business process

• How you can properly educate users on threats

• Tips on how to identify the most important security awareness messages for different organizations within your company

Ryan Davis, Chief Information Security Officer, Veracode
Todd Fitzgerald, Managing Director/CISO, CISO Spotlight, LLC
Sara Peters, Senior Editor, Dark Reading

Original Air Date: Thursday, November 14, 2019