Binary vs. Source Code Scanning: How Does Veracode Approach It?


When it comes to assessing static application security testing (SAST) solutions, IT buyers are at crossroads depending on if they want to go the route of scanning source code or binary code. Join Veracode Solutions Consultant, Lupita Carabes, as she discusses the advantages of scanning compiled binary code as well as uncompiled source code and how Veracode approaches the debate on how static analysis should be addressed. In addition, you’ll learn how you can reduce the total time to remediate vulnerabilities and how you can make bringing secure software to market fast a competitive advantage.

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Tune into this webinar to discover:

How static analysis differs when scanning uncompiled source code vs. compiled binary code

How each approach may have an impact on how your organization determines which SAST solution is right for you

How Veracode’s SAST engine enables developers to not only find flaws, but also efficiently remediate them as part of their routine SDLC process.