Be the Champion of Security in a DevOps World

To get proper recognition of security between development and operations, and achieve genuine DevSecOps, getting people on board should be a first step. However can you expect general acceptance, or do you need a “champion” to achieve harmony, leadership and buy-in?

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What will you learn?

DevOps allows organization to deploy faster, but often at the expense of security. Organizations want to secure their development lifecycle but need security champions to help them succeed. This webinar looks at how to find and appoint a DevSecOps champion, how to secure the DevOps process and how to record and deliver metrics.

Key takeaways:

  • How to find and select an “InfoSec Champion”

  • What you should expect such a champion to do for you and your business

  • How to collect and deliver metrics that add value to your business

  • How this champion can become an effective security rep for developers

Join Chris Campbell, Steve Thair and Shannon Lietz to learn how to get started with DevOps and ensure it works for your organization.

Duration: 68 mins

Chris Campbell
Solutions Architect, Veracode
Steve Thair
Co-Founder & CTO, DevOpsGuys
Shannon Lietz
Director, DevSecOps Intuit