Why You Need Application Security

With our increased reliance on software, faulty and insecure applications put your data and the data of your business partners at risk and can have repercussions well beyond any one incident.

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What will you learn?

In this joint SANS/Veracode webcast, you’ll learn about the growing threats against applications, why applications are so risky, why you need to include application security in your enterprise security program, and how to get started.

The speakers explain:

  • Common exploits and vulnerabilities at the application layer

  • The risk of third-party libraries and code

  • The weaknesses of web applications and perimeter security

  • The growing pressure from external threats and regulatory developments to adopt application security

Join Johannes Ullrich and Joseph Feiman as they discuss the risks that organizations face due to applications and how to reduce the chance of a breach.

Designed For:
• Security Professionals

Dean of Research at the SANS Technology Institute
Veracode Chief Innovation Officer