Your Resolution for 2018: Five Principles For Securing DevOps

Organizations in today’s market must strike a balance between competitive differentiation and meeting evolving compliance standards-particularly related to software security. They need to obtain faster release and deployment cycles, improved collaboration between business stakeholders and application development and operations teams, and automation tools. DevOps, an innovative organizational and cultural way of organizing development and IT operations work, is addressing this challenge – driven by mounting evidence of its benefits to the business. However reaping these gains requires rethinking application security to deliver more secure code at DevOps speed.

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What will you learn?

Learn best practices for transitioning to the DevOps methodology, establishing a framework for secure coding processes, and working with development teams to embed these into your overall software development lifecycle.

Join Austin Britt, Solution Architect at Veracode, as he discusses these principles based on data-driven insights as well as first-hand experience working with organizations in implementing secure DevOps technology solutions. Specifically he will discuss and share:

• Examples of how organizations are transitioning to DevOps from Waterfall or Agile software methodologies
• Five principles for building application security into DevOps and CI/CD
• Questions to ask when designing a solution for securing DevOps

Solution Architect at Veracode