How to... Understand the Software Supply Chain (Part 2)

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The software supply chain may carry big risks, but there are approaches you and your organization can take to improve security and keep your applications safe.

What Will You Learn?

We know from part one of this series what the software supply chain is, how it functions, and where it carries the most risk. Now, we’re digging into the ways the industry can improve overall, and how you can implement the right tools and solutions to keep your applications secure. Watch the second session in this series to learn more about:

• What a Software Bill-Of-Materials (SBOM) is and why you need one

• The state of the industry’s approach to the software supply chain

• How to set yourself up with the right solutions for boosted security

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Join Niels Tanis, Principal Security Researcher at Veracode, to learn more about the software supply chain and how to reduce the risk it can bring.

Speaker: Niels Tanis, Principal Security Researcher, Veracode