Developer Training

As a developer, your job is ever-evolving. There are new languages, frameworks, and skills that you need to stay on top of, and yet, many developers never have the chance to learn how to code securely. With cyberattacks lurking around every corner, how can we improve developers’ security knowledge in a way that doesn’t disrupt their existing processes?

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What will you learn?

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• eLearning: Veracode’s wide array of on-demand, eLearning courses empower developers with the security knowledge needed to prevent a potential breach and meet compliance requirements – all within the comfort of the Veracode platform. Veracode eLearning covers a wide array of topics including support for secure coding in four of the most common development languages: Java, .NET, PHP, and PYTHON.

• Instructor Led Training: Get the personal touch of an online instructor in this video-based training, where we connect developers with our Application Security Consultants to discuss best practices and answer your questions.

• Secure Programming Workshops: Our Developer Workshops offer the most in-depth training experience, with hands-on attention from trained, AppSec professionals, and sessions that are tailored to your organization.

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