Understanding the Dev in DevSecOps: A Toolkit for the Security Team

The shift to DevSecOps has changed security’s role. No longer solely focused on telling developers what security flaws to fix, security professionals now partner with developers to create secure code. In turn, this new role requires a new understanding of developer priorities and processes.

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What will you learn?

What exactly does the security team need to know about the development process, and how do you get that knowledge? We’ve created this toolkit of resources to help you do just that. Use this bundle of assets to understand:

  • The basics of DevOps and CI/CD

  • How developers’ processes and tools have changed with DevOps

  • Open source component use

  • What developers think about security, and want from their security teams

  • Best practices for securing DevOps

  • What security tools work best with DevOps

Download your Understanding the Dev in DevSecOps Toolkit to receive the following content:


5 Principles for Securing DevOps

Secure DevOps Survival Guide

The Security Professional’s Role in a DevSecOps World


Understanding Open Source Risk

Survey report:

Secure DevOps: Fact or Fiction?

Analyst report:

Building an Enterprise DevSecOps Program


10 Scariest Software Security Vulnerabilities