Protect Your Code from Cyberattacks: Secure Coding Toolkit

We’re living in a world where cyberattacks are occurring left and right, and increasingly at the application layer. If you’re creating code, it goes without saying that this code needs to be secured.

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What will you learn?

Today, quality software is also secure software, and developers need to be equipped with the skills and know-how to code securely. We’ve created this toolkit of resources to help developers on their journey to creating more secure code. Use this bundle of assets to understand:

  • • Best practices for secure coding
  • • How to secure your DevOps environments
  • • How to combat the most common software vulnerabilities
  • • What developers don’t know about security but should

Download your Secure Coding Toolkit to receive the following content:


Secure Coding Best Practices Handbook

What Developers Don’t Know About Security But Should

5 Principles for Securing DevOps

Vulnerability Decoder Infosheets:

Insecure Crypto


Race Condition

Improper Error Handling

Broken Access Controls

Cross-Site Scripting

Insecure Open Source Components