Improving Data Security in the Digital Economy

Data security breaches fill the headlines these days – affecting all industries in all geographies. Are business leaders simply unable to keep up with the pace of the digital transformation, or are they unaware of the security implications of their digital initiatives? CA Veracode set out to answer these questions in our Securing the Digital Economy survey report.

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What will you learn?

To get to the bottom of the seeming disconnect between digital innovation and digital risk, we surveyed more than 1,000 business leaders across the UK, US and Germany about both their companies’ digital transformation initiatives and their understanding of cybersecurity. Download Securing the Digital Economy to find out:

You will learn:

  • Business leaders’ plans for not only digitally transforming their businesses, but also for ensuring cybersecurity

  • The level of awareness of software risk among business leaders

  • If business leaders understand the different types of cyberattacks and how they are carried out

  • Business leaders’ thoughts on the best ways to talk to the board about cybersecurity initiatives

Get insight into business leaders’ knowledge and impression of cybersecurity, and how best to work with them to secure your organizations; download Securing the Digital Economy today.