Protect Your Organization Against Known Security Defects

Has the adoption of DevOps or CI/CD environments changed your approach to application security? How can you ensure the speed of software delivery at your company isn’t causing software to be released untested for security defects? With application security taking a prominent stance in the mainstream, companies are looking for ways to grow their AppSec program while also ensuring those efforts do not slow down the speed of development.

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What will you learn?

Join Tim Jarrett, Sr. Director, Product Management at CA Veracode as he discusses these topics and others highlighted in CA Veracode’s 2017 State of Software Security report.

Specifically he’ll cover key statistics related to topics including:

  • Industry trends such as vulnerability fix rates and percent of applications with vulnerabilities

  • The pervasive risk from vulnerable open source components

  • How shifts in operations and testing practices can significantly improve the quality and security of applications

Learn best practices for measuring application portfolio risk, remediating software vulnerabilities, and working with development teams to embed these concepts into the software development lifecycle.

Speaker: Tim Jarrett

Sr. Director, Product Management at CA Veracode