Build Secure Software and Manage Application Risk With The Veracode Platform

Join this 30-minute webinar to see how Veracode can help you manage security risk across your entire application portfolio through a wide range of security testing and threat mitigation techniques, all hosted on a central, cloud-based platform.

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What Will You Learn?

During this webinar, you will see a demo of the Veracode Platform’s ability to scan all of the applications and components you build or buy, covering all major languages, frameworks and application types. As a central repository for your applications and components, Veracode’s platform provides you with full visibility into your risk posture and integrates into each stage of your software development lifecycle, ensuring you are building secure software.

Join Jacob Martel as he discusses how to build secure software and manage application risk with the Veracode Platform

Jacob Martel
CA Veracode Solution Architect