The ROI of AppSec:
Getting your Money's Worth from Your AppSec Program

Simply put, modern development practices has shifted much of the responsibility for application security onto development teams and forced development managers to not only build in security, but also to figure out how to justify costs only InfoSec had to worry about before.

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What will you learn?

Justifying AppSec expenditure weighs heavily on the efficacy of the tool itself but, more importantly, also takes into account the cost saving measures of detecting and remediating flaws, and too often, the potential cost of a breach.

You will learn:

  • How to use models to produce credible cost analyses you can use to help guide your own AppSec decisions

  • And to help justify AppSec spending in budget proposals

Register for the webinar and also receive a supplementary Whitepaper from SANS which delves further into how to analyze the cost/benefit model to ensure that your organization is investing in the right tools for your AppSec program.

Join CA Veracode’s Maria Loughlin, VP of Engineering, and Ellen Nussbaum, VP of Services, as they are joined by SANS Analyst, Jim Bird, to discuss some effective cost models for application security.

VP of Engineering
at CA Veracode
VP of Services
at CA Veracode