Lacking AppSec Resources? Veracode Has Your Path Forward!

A successful application security program takes more than powerful technology; it takes the right combination of people and defined processes to ensure a sustainable and successful program.

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What will you learn?

Learn how Veracode can lend its expertise to help your security teams and developers work together to rapidly identify, understand and remediate critical vulnerabilities — and help transform decentralized, ad hoc application security processes into ongoing, policy-based governance. Join this 20 minute webinar to get your application security program off the ground with Veracode’s Services offerings.

Hear one of Veracode’s experts provide an overview of Services offerings such as:

  • Program Management: implement enterprise-wide governance models and day-to-day tactics to systematically reduce risk from application-layer attacks, based on best practices.

  • SDLC Integration: understand how Veracode can work within your dev community to integrate into existing SDLC processes so that security is as routine as checking a build.

  • Technical Coaching: empower developers, testers and security leads with industry-leading expertise around secure development and remediation efforts from seasoned AppSec professionals.