Know What’s In Your Software And Stay Ahead of Vulnerabilities

Open source components have become a critical part of code development --- and a top target for cyber-attackers. With one component breach, an attacker can reach hundreds of thousands of applications. As we’ve seen, these breaches can target profitable personal information – leaving us to wonder what is coming next.

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What will you learn?

Watch this webinar to learn how you can ensure which open source components are in use in your organization in order to protect yourself from a large-scale data breach. You will also get a sneak peek at Veracode’s Software Composition Analysis solution which creates a dynamic inventory of the components you are using, along with their versions and locations. Armed with this information, you can quickly patch when a big vulnerability hits the news.

Speakers: Jessica Lavery, CA Veracode Director of Corporate Communications and Lupita Carabes, CA Veracode Solution Architect

Director of Corp. Communications at CA Veracode
Solution Architect
at CA Veracode