From Ad Hoc to Advanced Application Security: Your Path to a Mature AppSec Program

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What Will You Learn?

According to Akamai, attacks at the application layer are growing by more than 25% annually. But many organizations still struggle to understand how to get started with application security, or what good appsec looks like.

What You Will Learn:
To shed light on the application security process, this guide outlines the steps most of our customers take to develop a mature application security program. Additionally, one security professional shares his experience developing and managing an application security program from the ground up at a global investment bank. You will learn:

  • The different AppSec phases most organizations are currently in
  • The next steps to take when moving toward a more comprehensive AppSec program
  • Lessons learned, best practices and pitfalls to avoid -- from someone who’s been there
  • What a comprehensive, mature AppSec program entails