Policymaker’s Guide to Application Security

In today’s digital world, technology no longer just enhances our lives. It’s completely foundational to everything we do. Unfortunately, much of the software that we depend upon for economic and civic well-being is riddled with security defects.

This isn’t just a technology problem, but one that policymakers at all levels need to understand and address to ensure the safety and economic well-being of our nation.

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What will you learn?

This guide is meant to inform policymakers who can drive broader action with data from our State of Software Security Volume 9 report.

Additionally, the team that developed the report offers expert observations about why that data matters and what it means for policymakers who want to improve the state of software security today.

Specifically, this guide covers:

  • • What policymakers need to know about the state of software security
  • • Why “flaw persistence” is important
  • • Five ways policymakers can make a difference in software security