5 Lessons From an Application Security Pro

58 percent of surveyed IT professionals say they are seeing more attacks at the application layer than on servers. Take your application security initiative to the next level. Learn how to mitigate security risks from a seasoned AppSec pro.

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What You Will Learn:

In this eBook, Colin Domoney, Application Security Consultant, uses his experience overseeing AppSec at a global investment bank to address the top 5 concerns IT professionals have about application security. You will learn:

  • Why traditional security methods like firewalls, intrusion detection and anti-malware identification are ineffective against increasing application-layer attacks

  • How to gain support for an application security program from your enterprise leaders

  • Why a two-pronged approach to AppSec is ideal

  • How to explain the ways that open-source and third-party code are increasing app-layer risks

  • The importance of auditing and managing open-source libraries